4 Ways to drink Arak (The Signature Drink for East Mediterranean Countries) 2024

Hello and welcome to our website! This article discusses the various ways to drink Arak. So, if you looking for a unique and flavourful Middle Eastern spirit, Arak is the drink to go for! Bursting with flavor and boasting an impressive alcohol content, this traditional drink is sure to pack a punch.

Drink Arak neat

Arak is believed to have originated in the Levant area of the Middle East, although its exact origin story remains unclear. It is traditionally made from aniseed and grapes, while some variations use other fruits or grains as well.

During production, distillers will combine these ingredients with water before double-distilling the mixture. What results is a clear spirit that packs quite a punch at around 45-60% alcohol by volume (ABV).

The Signature Drink for East Mediterranean Countries

In addition to its strong ABV content, Arak has become famous for its sweet yet refreshing licorice-like taste.

Ways to drink Arak

(a) Drink Arak neat

Drink Arak neat

First up, try it neat. Neat drinking is when you take a sip of Arak directly from your glass without adding any mixers or ice. Doing this will help you appreciate the full flavor and aroma of Arak and its herbal notes as well as its distinctive anise kick that really comes alive with every sip! It’s also great for people who enjoy strong spirits but don’t like them too sweet or too bitter.

(b) Enjoy Arak on the rocks

Enjoy Arak on the rocks

Arak is a perfect accompaniment to any occasion. Its unique flavor and versatility make it ideal for entertaining friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just kicking back with friends, Arak is sure to please everyone in attendance.

To fully enjoy Arak on the rocks, start by chilling your glassware in advance. Add some ice cubes and then pour your desired amount of Arak into each glass. Stir gently and add a few drops of water if desired to further enhance its distinctive flavor profile.

You can even garnish with slices of lemon or pomegranate seeds for an extra special touch! Enjoy responsibly – cheers!

(c) Arak and Orange Juice

Arak and Orange Juice

One fun and delicious way to drink Arak is with orange juice. The combination creates a refreshing, balanced beverage that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

To make this signature drink, simply fill a glass with ice cubes, pour in equal parts Arak and orange juice, stir together until combined, and garnish with an orange slice or fresh mint leaves. An added bonus: it’s easy to adjust the ratio of alcohol to juice if you want your cocktail on the strong or mild side.

(d) Arak and Coke

Arak and Coke

Mixing Arak with coke gives you the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and strong flavors. To make the perfect Arak and Coke cocktail, start by pouring one part of good quality Arak in your glass. Then fill up your glass with two parts of chilled coke.

Top it off with ice cubes or crushed ice if desired and stir until everything is mixed together nicely. For an extra special treat, try adding a splash of lime juice or lemonade to really bring out the flavor of your drink!

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Arak Health Benefits

(a) It improves blood flow

Research shows that Arak can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body. When consumed, it helps to relax the vessels, allowing oxygen to reach tissue more easily. This improves overall circulation, making us feel more energized and healthier.

Additionally, it has been found to increase levels of good cholesterol in the body which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Furthermore, studies have linked regular consumption of Arak with better liver health due to its antioxidant properties which protect against cell damage from free radicals!

(b) Strengthens your Body

In addition to helping with digestion, Arak can also enhance immunity and provide anti-inflammatory effects due to its presence of active compounds such as flavonoids and polyphenols.

Drinking Arak on a regular basis can help protect your body against infection, reducing inflammation in the body’s cells and tissues as well as helping fight off harmful bacteria and viruses.

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Arak Side Effects

(a) It can quickly lead to intoxication

When consumed in moderation, Arak is relatively safe, but drinking too much of this potent spirit can have serious side effects. Not only does the high alcohol content make it easy to overindulge, but the consequences of overdrinking are amplified due to its potency.

Some short-term side effects include nausea and vomiting, impaired judgment and coordination, dizziness or lightheadedness, and dehydration. Long-term side effects include liver damage and addiction that could lead to physical dependence on alcohol.

(b) Long-term use of Arak may cause liver damage

It is important to note that not all alcohol is created equal when it comes to side effects – with Arak being one of the more dangerous types.

Long-term use can have serious consequences on physical health and mental well-being, especially if consumed by underage drinkers or those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

The primary risk factor associated with drinking Arak is an increased risk of developing cirrhosis and other liver complications due to excessive alcohol intake over time.

Arak substitute drink

(a) Raki

Raki is a clear, unsweetened distilled spirit with a strong herbal taste, derived from grapes or raisins. When mixed with water, it turns into an opaque white beverage known as Lion’s milk due to its milky appearance. It’s said to be stronger than vodka, but just as smooth in flavor.

The perfect way to enjoy Raki is by pouring a bit in a glass and adding cold water until it turns milky white – the more water added, the less intense the flavor! If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding different fruits like orange or lemon for even more zesty flavors!

(b) Ouzo

Ouzo is an excellent substitute! This traditional Greek spirit is a great way to enjoy all the flavors of Arak without having to worry about potential complications.

Ouzo has been around for centuries and has become a beloved national liquor in Greece. The main ingredient in this anise-flavored liqueur is star anise which gives it its distinctive aroma and flavor.

It’s usually served with ice or water and it creates a cloudy effect when combined with the latter. Ouzo also pairs perfectly with Mediterranean meze dishes like carrots, tzatziki, and fish cakes – so if you’re looking for something different, this could be your new favorite drink!

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Does Arak go bad?

Arak is a popular liquor drink enjoyed in many cultures around the world, but does it ever go bad? The answer may surprise you! Arak is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from grapes and aniseed, however, unlike other types of liquor, it does not have an expiration date.

In fact, the best way to store Arak is at room temperature away from direct sunlight and air. This means that when stored properly, this unique liquor will keep indefinitely! If Arak has been stored correctly over time, there should be no change in taste or appearance of the liquid itself.

However, if it has been exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time there may be slight changes in color or taste.

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