Top 10 Traditional Tennessee Foods (Most Loved)

In this article, we’ll take a savory journey through the most beloved traditional foods that have earned a special place in the hearts and palates of Tennesseans. Join us as we explore the iconic dishes, ingredients, and dining experiences that make Tennessee’s food culture truly exceptional.  

10 Most Loved Traditional Tennessee Foods

The most loved traditional Tennessee foods are the smoky barbecue, hot chicken, country ham, bbq pork, fried catfish, grits, collard greens, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, moon pies and others. From the smoky barbecue to mouthwatering fried catfish, Tennessee’s culinary heritage is a symphony of flavors that reflects the state’s rich history and diverse influences.

Here are the top 10 beloved traditional foods that have a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike – discussed in details!

Hot Chicken

#10. Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is a fiery and iconic dish that originated in Nashville, Tennessee. It typically consists of succulent, deep-fried chicken pieces that have been generously coated in a fiery blend of cayenne pepper paste and spices, resulting in a spicy, crispy, and flavorful exterior.

The heat level can range from mildly spicy to extremely hot, depending on personal preference. Traditionally, it’s served on a slice of white bread with pickles to provide a contrast to the heat.

The dish’s unique and addictive combination of crispy texture and intense spiciness has made it a beloved specialty, drawing both locals and food enthusiasts from around the world to Nashville’s hot chicken joints.

Country Ham

#9. Country Ham

Country ham is a beloved Southern delicacy with deep roots in Tennessee’s culinary heritage. This dry-cured ham is traditionally aged for an extended period, often several months to over a year, using a combination of salt, sugar, and spices to preserve and flavor the meat.

The result is a uniquely salty, intense, and complex flavor that sets country ham apart. Typically served thinly sliced, it can be enjoyed in various ways, from breakfast biscuits to sandwiches and as a complement to other dishes.

The art of curing country ham has been passed down through generations in Tennessee, making it a cherished and time-honored tradition in Southern cuisine.

Biscuits and Gravy

#8. Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is a quintessential Southern comfort food that has become a beloved breakfast classic, including in Tennessee. This hearty dish features soft, flaky biscuits that are smothered in creamy sausage gravy, which is made by combining crumbled sausage with flour, milk, and seasonings.

The gravy is rich, flavorful, and often has a slightly peppery kick. The warm, buttery biscuits soak up the gravy, creating a satisfying and indulgent combination of textures and flavors.

It’s a filling and hearty breakfast choice, and variations may include the addition of eggs, bacon, or other ingredients, but the heart of the dish remains the delicious marriage of biscuits and sausage gravy, making it a beloved morning staple in the South.

BBQ Pork

#7. BBQ Pork

Tennessee’s barbecue tradition, particularly Memphis-style barbecue, is celebrated for its mouthwatering BBQ pork. This iconic dish features slow-cooked and smoked pork, often in the form of ribs, pulled pork, or pork shoulder.

The meat is meticulously seasoned with a blend of dry rub spices, and then it’s slow-cooked over a wood or charcoal fire, infusing it with a smoky flavor and tenderizing it to perfection.

Memphis-style barbecue is known for its emphasis on the quality of the meat, the slow smoking process, and its distinctive tangy tomato-based barbecue sauce, which can range from sweet to spicy.

The result is a tender, flavorful, and often slightly caramelized exterior, with meat that practically melts in your mouth. It’s typically served with classic Southern sides like coleslaw and baked beans, making it a must-try culinary experience for barbecue enthusiasts in Tennessee and beyond.

Fried Catfish

#6. Fried Catfish

Fried catfish is a beloved Southern dish that holds a special place in Tennessee’s culinary repertoire. Typically, catfish fillets are coated in a seasoned cornmeal breading and then deep-fried to golden perfection.

The result is a crispy, flavorful exterior that gives way to tender and mild-flavored catfish meat inside. Often served with hushpuppies, a side of coleslaw, and tartar sauce, fried catfish embodies the essence of Southern comfort food.

The dish’s popularity in Tennessee stems from its accessibility, as catfish farming thrives in the state’s freshwater rivers and ponds, ensuring a fresh and local source of this delectable seafood.

Whether enjoyed in a casual diner or a family-owned restaurant, fried catfish is a true Southern delicacy that captures the essence of Southern hospitality and flavor.


#5. Grits

Grits, a beloved Southern staple, are a corn-based dish with a rich history in Tennessee’s culinary traditions. They are made by grinding dried corn into coarse or fine grains and then cooking them with water or milk to create a creamy, porridge-like consistency.

While grits themselves have a mild, slightly nutty flavor, they are often elevated with the addition of butter, cheese, or seasonings like salt and pepper.

Grits can be served as a comforting breakfast side dish, similar to oatmeal, or as a versatile base for a variety of Southern dishes, such as shrimp and grits or grits served alongside fried fish or eggs.

Their adaptability and ability to complement both savory and sweet flavors make grits a cherished and enduring element of Southern cuisine in Tennessee and beyond.


#4. Cornbread

Cornbread is a quintessential Southern staple that holds a special place in the heart of Tennessee’s culinary heritage. This humble yet beloved dish is made from cornmeal, which gives it a distinctive flavor and texture.

Cornbread recipes can vary, resulting in a wide range of styles, from sweet and cake-like to savory and crumbly. It’s commonly baked in a cast-iron skillet to achieve a crispy crust and a tender, moist interior.

Cornbread is a versatile accompaniment to many Southern meals, often served as a side dish with dishes like chili, collard greens, or BBQ.

Its adaptability to different flavors and the comforting warmth it brings to the table make cornbread an enduring and cherished element of Southern cooking in Tennessee and beyond.

Collard Greens

#3. Collard Greens

Collard greens are a classic Southern vegetable that plays a prominent role in Tennessee’s culinary traditions. These leafy greens, which are a type of cabbage, are known for their hearty and slightly bitter flavor.

Typically, collard greens are slow-cooked with smoked ham hocks or bacon to impart a rich and savory taste, along with a tender texture. The long cooking process softens the greens and allows them to absorb the flavors of the seasoning, resulting in a comforting and satisfying side dish.

Collard greens are often served as part of a “meat and three” plate in Southern restaurants, where diners choose a meat entree and three vegetable side dishes. They’re a symbol of Southern comfort food and a beloved element of Southern soul food cuisine, reflecting the rich history of the region.

Fried Cathead Biscuits

#2. Fried Cathead Biscuits

Fried cathead biscuits, also simply known as “cathead biscuits,” are a cherished Southern delight and a beloved fixture in Tennessee’s culinary scene. These biscuits are aptly named for their large size, often resembling the size of a cat’s head.

What sets cathead biscuits apart is their delightful combination of a golden, crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. They are made from simple ingredients, typically including flour, buttermilk, and a leavening agent like baking powder or baking soda.

The biscuits are typically fried in a hot skillet, allowing them to develop a crispy, slightly crunchy crust while remaining tender and buttery on the inside.

Cathead biscuits are a versatile food, enjoyed both as a breakfast dish, served with sausage gravy or preserves, and as a side for hearty Southern dinners, making them a comforting and time-honored addition to Tennessee’s culinary heritage.

Moon Pies

#1. Moon Pies

Moon Pies are a nostalgic and beloved treat with a sweet legacy in the Southern United States, including Tennessee. These iconic confections consist of two round graham cracker-like cookies sandwiching a marshmallow filling, all coated in a layer of chocolate or other flavored coatings like vanilla or banana.

First introduced in the early 20th century, Moon Pies have become a beloved symbol of Southern culture, often enjoyed at fairs, festivals, and as a sweet snack. Their association with another Southern classic, RC Cola, has made the combination of a Moon Pie and an RC Cola a cherished regional tradition.

Moon Pies come in various flavors and sizes, but their hallmark remains the nostalgic blend of textures and flavors that capture the essence of Southern comfort and hospitality, making them a timeless favorite in Tennessee and the broader South.

Wrap Up

These traditional Tennessee foods showcase the state’s Southern roots and offer a taste of its unique culinary heritage. Whether you’re exploring local eateries or trying your hand at home cooking, these dishes are sure to provide a delicious experience.

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