What Food is Colorado Springs Known For? (Try These Top 10 Dishes)

When it comes to Colorado Springs, it’s not just the breathtaking natural landscapes that capture your heart; it’s also the vibrant and diverse culinary scene.

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Colorado Springs boasts a unique blend of flavors influenced by its rich history and cultural diversity.

In this article, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through the “Springs” and discover the top 10 dishes that make this city a food lover’s paradise.

What Food is Colorado Springs Known For?

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is celebrated for its hearty and indulgent Rocky Mountain cuisine, featuring dishes like Palisade Peach Pie, Colorado lamb, Rocky Mountain oysters, bison & buffalo burgers, elk steaks, and Colorado green chili. Additionally, the city’s craft beer culture thrives, providing a wide range of artisanal brews to complement its signature dishes.

With a focus on farm-to-table dining, Colorado Springs also offers fresh and locally sourced ingredients, elevating its food scene.

Here is a more detailed exploration:

Green Chile

Green Chile

Ingredients: Roasted green chilies, pork, onions, garlic, and spices

This iconic ingredient has been a part of Colorado Springs’ culinary heritage for generations, adding a zesty kick and a distinct Southwestern flair to various mouthwatering creations.

From breakfast burritos smothered in green chile to savory stews and even burgers with a spicy twist, you can find this versatile ingredient gracing menus all over town.

One interesting phenomenon about green chile is its ability to bring people together through friendly debates about spice levels. Coloradans take their heat seriously and will often engage in spirited discussions on just how hot their favorite green chile should be.

Whether you prefer mild or eye-wateringly spicy, there are plenty of options guaranteed to ignite your taste buds.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Ingredients: Bull testicles, flour, and spices

Rocky Mountain Oysters, though not for the faint of heart, hold a unique and curious place in the culinary landscape of Colorado Springs. These unusual delicacies are, in fact, bull testicles, but don’t let that deter you. Locals and adventurous foodies alike savor the experience of biting into these deep-fried treasures.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, Rocky Mountain Oysters are often served with a zesty dipping sauce, creating a surprising and delightful combination of flavors and textures.

While they may not be for everyone, these oysters are a testament to Colorado Springs’ culinary diversity and willingness to embrace the unexpected, making them a memorable part of the city’s gastronomic scene.

Bison Burger

Bison Burger

Ingredients: Ground bison, fresh buns, lettuce, tomato, and cheese

This local specialty caters to food enthusiasts looking for a unique and delicious twist on a classic American dish. With its lean and flavorful bison meat, this burger offers a healthier alternative to traditional beef patties while still satisfying carnivorous cravings.

The local restaurants in Colorado Springs take pride in sourcing their bison meat from nearby ranches, ensuring that each burger is made with only the finest quality ingredients.

Pikes Peak Pizza

Pikes Peak Pizza

Ingredients: Pizza dough, Colorado-grown ingredients, and artisanal cheeses

When it comes to food in Colorado Springs, one dish that truly captures the essence of this vibrant city is the famous Pikes Peak Pizza. This mouthwatering creation combines the traditional flavors of Italian-style pizza with a Colorado twist, making it a must-try for locals and tourists alike.

What sets Pikes Peak Pizza apart is its unique blend of fresh ingredients, including locally sourced meats and vegetables, combined with a variety of tantalizing toppings like green chilies and buffalo sauce. Each bite offers a burst of flavors that perfectly complement the stunning backdrop of Pikes Peak itself.

Colorado Craft Beer

Colorado Craft Beer

Ingredients: Hops, malt, yeast, and a touch of creativity

Colorado Craft Beer has gained a well-deserved reputation for its innovation and diversity, making it a true treasure for both locals and visitors. Breweries in the area are known for pushing the boundaries of flavor and craftsmanship, offering a wide spectrum of styles from hoppy IPAs that burst with floral and citrus notes to rich and robust stouts that warm the soul.

Each sip of Colorado Craft Beer is a journey through the state’s culinary creativity, with many breweries using locally sourced ingredients, including Colorado-grown hops and grains.

Whether enjoyed in a cozy pub or against the backdrop of the Rockies, this craft beer reflects the essence of Colorado Springs—bold, flavorful, and always inviting.

Bison Ribeye Steak

Bison Ribeye Steak

Ingredients: Bison ribeye, seasonings, and a hot grill

One dish that has gained immense popularity is the Bison Ribeye Steak. Bursting with flavor, this succulent piece of meat is a true testament to the diversity and richness of Colorado Springs’ culinary scene.

Cooked to perfection, the bison ribeye boasts a distinct taste that sets it apart from traditional beef steaks. Its tender texture combined with its slightly gamey undertones make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Colorado Lamb

Colorado Lamb

Ingredients: Locally-raised lamb, herbs, and spices

Colorado Springs takes pride in its locally-raised Colorado Lamb, a culinary gem that reflects the city’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Nestled in the heart of lush pastures, Colorado Springs offers the ideal environment for raising top-quality lamb.

The result is tender, succulent meat that captures the essence of the region. Whether it’s slow-roasted with aromatic herbs or grilled to perfection, Colorado Lamb is celebrated for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

It’s a testament to the city’s dedication to supporting local agriculture and providing residents and visitors alike with a taste of the finest, locally sourced ingredients, making it an essential part of Colorado Springs’ vibrant food culture.

Palisade Peach Pie

Palisade Peach Pie

Ingredients: Fresh Palisade peaches, flaky pie crust, and a dash of cinnamon

Colorado’s Palisade peaches are legendary for their unparalleled sweetness and juiciness, and when baked into a pie, they become a culinary masterpiece. Encased in a flaky, golden-brown crust and delicately spiced with a dash of cinnamon, each bite of Palisade Peach Pie is a heavenly sensation.

This dessert is like a slice of summer, bursting with the essence of ripe peaches harvested from the nearby orchards.

Whether enjoyed on a warm Colorado afternoon or as a comforting treat during colder months, Palisade Peach Pie is a beloved and timeless symbol of the region’s agricultural bounty and its devotion to delivering a slice of pure delight to the table.

Hatch Green Chile Burger

Hatch Green Chile Burger

Ingredients: Hatch green chiles, beef patty, cheese, and a soft bun

This mouthwatering creation combines a juicy burger patty with roasted hatch green chiles, cheese, and all the classic fixings. The heat from the chiles adds a delicious kick that perfectly complements the savory flavors of the beef.

It’s like a flavor explosion in every bite! Whether you’re a local or just visiting, indulging in this iconic dish is an absolute must to fully experience the culinary delights of Colorado Springs.

Wild Game Sausage

Wild Game Sausage

Ingredients: A mix of wild game meats, herbs, and spices

Crafted from an array of game meats like elk, venison, and wild boar, this sausage is a true testament to the city’s adventurous spirit. Expertly seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, each bite delivers a taste of the rugged wilderness that surrounds the region.

The Wild Game Sausage is not only a flavorful delight but also a nod to the rich hunting traditions of Colorado Springs. Whether served as a hearty meal or as a unique addition to charcuterie boards, this dish embodies the essence of the Rocky Mountains and showcases the city’s dedication to showcasing its natural bounty in the most delicious and distinctive way possible.


To wrap it up, Colorado Springs is not just a haven for outdoor enthusiasts; it’s also a food lover’s paradise. The city’s diverse culinary scene celebrates its rich history, local ingredients, and adventurous spirit.

Whether you’re indulging in green chile, savoring a bison burger, or trying something as daring as Rocky Mountain oysters, Colorado Springs’ cuisine will leave you craving for more.

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