How to drink Pernod Liqueur (4 Quick & Easy Ways) 2024

What is Pernod?

This article discusses how to drink Pernod liqueur! Pernod is an aperitif that has become popular around the world and is loved for its unique flavor. Originating in France in 1975, Pernod was first produced as an absinthe-style drink by Henri-Louis Pernod.

This iconic drink contains star anise, licorice root, fennel seed, green aniseed, nutmeg, and peppermint oil along with other subtle flavors. The alcohol content of Pernod is 40% ABV (alcohol by volume).

What is Pernod?

Many people have come to enjoy the distinct flavor of Pernod over traditional liqueurs thanks to its refreshing taste with hints of herbs and spices. Whether added to a cocktail or enjoyed neat, Pernod’s unmistakable flavor always adds something special!

How to drink Pernod

1. Pernod and coke

Pernod and coke

Topping our list of delicious creations is Pernod and coke; a classic combination that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds! Whether you opt for a strong or light version, this easy-to-make cocktail is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

To mix up this simple but delicious beverage, all you need are two ingredients – Pernod and cola – plus some ice cubes if desired. Start by pouring one part of Pernod into a glass over three parts of cold cola. Then give it a stir with a spoon before adding in the ice cubes. That’s it!

2. Pernod and tonic water

Pernod and tonic water

This simple mixture is light yet flavorful, perfect for summer evenings. All you need is two parts tonic water and one part Pernod – garnish with ice cubes and a lime or lemon wedge for extra zest! You can also mix it up by adding cranberry juice and a splash of soda – this will give it a tart sweetness that’s perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up!

3. Pernod and Vodka

Pernod and Vodka

For those who love the traditional taste of Pernod, the French 75 is a great choice. This easy cocktail consists of just two ingredients: equal parts Pernod and vodka along with a few dashes of lemon juice. Shake it all together with ice before serving over crushed ice – refreshingly delicious!

4. Pernod and lemonade

Pernod and lemonade

The classic French liqueur is perfect for taking your cocktail game up a notch and adding a unique flavor to any drink. Start by mixing equal parts of Pernod and lemonade in a lowball glass, then add ice cubes and stir. This simple recipe results in an incredibly refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed during any occasion – from an evening out with friends to an afternoon at home. Try more recipes here!

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Pernod health benefits

1. Fights against Viruses and Flu

This unique spirit has been used for centuries to promote health and wellness. From providing antioxidants to helping boost your immunity, the health benefits of Pernod are undeniable.

Pernod is known for its ability to reduce inflammation in the body, which makes it a great choice when fighting off infections. It also contains healing properties that can help support the immune system, making it an ideal choice for people who want to stay healthy this cold and flu season.

In addition to containing anti-inflammatory ingredients, Pernod also provides essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and more! The presence of these important nutrients gives Pernod an added edge when it comes to preventing illness.

2. Digestive Aid and Protection

Pernod is a great source of many different antioxidants that can help support the body’s digestive system. Its unique blend of aniseed, cinnamon, star anise, and fennel help stimulate digestion and reduce bloating.

It also contains antibacterial properties that can help protect against microorganisms that cause indigestion or stomach upset. Plus, it’s low in sugar so it won’t spike your blood sugar levels!

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Best Pernod substitute drinks

1. Absinthe

There are several substitutes that bring the same delightful flavor as Pernod but with a unique twist. Absinthe, a popular replacement for Pernod, is becoming increasingly available in many countries and can be used to make some delicious drinks.

1. Absinthe

While absinthe has traditionally been known as an alcoholic beverage with strong hallucinogenic effects, it can now be bought in non-alcoholic versions too. With its intense herbal flavors and complex aromas, you will still enjoy a unique flavor experience without the alcohol kick.

2. White Wine

White wine is an excellent substitute and a great addition to any beverage. The sweet taste of white wine makes it ideal for a variety of cocktails and mocktails. You can mix it with fruit juices, syrups, and other colorful ingredients to make delicious drinks that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

White wine has become increasingly popular as a Pernod replacement due to its versatility. It can be paired with other liquors or used as the main ingredient in creative cocktails. With its crisp, light flavor profile, white wines like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc are especially popular choices.

Try adding some fresh fruits or citrus zest for an extra boost of flavor! You’ll love experimenting with these fun recipes and exploring different combinations that will suit your own unique palate.

Does Pernod go bad?

An unopened bottle of Pernod can last for several years if stored in a cool and dry place. Once opened, however, try your best to consume it within three months of opening. To ensure maximum freshness, always keep the bottle tightly closed with its original lid and away from any sources of heat or light.

You can also use some other methods such as transferring the liquid into a smaller container or decanting it into a separate container – this will reduce oxidation which could lead to spoilage.

Does Pernod crystallize in your stomach?

It’s a question that has been asked for generations, and many drinkers of the popular French liqueur have wondered if it can have any adverse effects on their bodies.

The truth is, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that drinking Pernod will cause crystallization in your stomach or elsewhere in your digestive tract. However, there are some potential health risks associated with excessive consumption of this anise-flavored spirit.

Pernod does contain alcohol, which can be dangerous when consumed to excess. If you choose to indulge in this beverage beyond recommended amounts, it could lead to dehydration and other side effects like headaches and nausea.

Additionally, there are other ingredients present in some brands of Pernod such as sugar and oils which can potentially contribute to further digestive issues if consumed excessively.

Does Pernod have wormwood?

Well, the answer is yes! In fact, since its creation in 1805 by Henri-Louis Pernod in France, this drink has been made with a combination of aniseed and wormwood.

Wormwood is an herb that is native to Europe but can now be found in many parts of the world. This plant has a bitter taste and aroma that gives Pernod its distinct flavor. Wormwood also contains thujone which was believed to have medicinal properties such as relieving digestive problems.

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